Coaching Tip Of the Day – Active Imagination

Active Imagination Is The Tool That Unlocks Your Potential

Carl Jung is the father of modern psychology. He introduced a form of visualization called Active Imagination. It is a technique by which one can enter the realm of the subconscious, consciously. How fun is that! The world of image and feelings have a profound power on the way we function in the world. It accepts our moods, productivity, inspiration and motivation. It can help initiate effective problem solving solutions to any issue.

The importance of visualizing as a practice is reactively new in the western world. Mixing images with feelings is like adding fire to gasoline when it comes to accomplishment.

15 Minutes Per Day

If you spend 15 minutes per day actively visualizing the life you desire to create, you will be amazed at what will transpire and the opportunities that will present themselves. In addition to visualizing, add feelings. How does this perfect life feel? projecting visualization with feelings is an unstoppable force to creation. You do not have to go up on a mountain for years on end, just take some intentional time while you are having your morning coffee!

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