Coaching Tip Of The Day – Be YOU!

You Are Your Biggest Asset

In all the business coaching I have done, the one piece of advice I give everyone to achieve success is to be YOU in all that you do.

You are your best inspiration, You are the source of innovation, You are your best motivation!

Even in a team building situation it is important that each individual shines to make the team its best.

Seth Godin Says…

Speak your message with clarity and truth and your tribe will find you.

In other words You are your brand, and the more authentic you are the more powerful you are and the more success you will achieve.

Furthermore, be the best you and you will inspire those around you.

Frank Zappa said “I never set out to be weird. It was always other people who called me weird.”

There is one thing for sure, Frank was an original.

Also, he was authentically him all the time.

In his music, political and social commentary he was always Frank Zappa.

Congruence , inspiration and innovation are all words that describe Frank Zappa.

Who Are You And What Do You Do?

The answer should roll off your tongue like your name. In addition, it should be on your mind all the time.

Your ability to clearly and quickly  articulate this is key to communicating your message so that you can help your customer understand who you are and how you can be a valued solution to their problems.


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