Coaching Series Month 4 Video #5 The Power Of A Clean Message

The Power Of A Clean Message

The power of a clean message cannot be underestimated. When your message is clean, it is focused and always finds its target. A message that is riddles with underlying intentions and deception is impotent and uninteresting.

Your Energy Always Precedes You Message

Your message is more about the energy and power behind it than the words themselves. The more clean you are the more impact you will have on your audience. Look at some of the amazing orators of our time Barak Obama for example. When he speaks, people listen. He captivates his audience with amazing clarity and power. One of the key ways he creates clarity and focus is a strong and clear knowledge of his core values, core beliefs and his mission.

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Be True To Your Message

A true message is a powerful message. It hits hard and has meaning.

Be careful not to hold hidden agendas when you are delivering your message. This will weaken your power and diminish your effectiveness.

If you are true and clean the honesty and integrity of your message will hit the target and impact your audience.


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