Coaching Series Month 4 Video #3 What Do You Want Your Audience To Get From Your Message?

So Who Is Your Audience?

Most importantly, what do you want your audience to get from your message?

When you know this, you are MILES ahead of those who don’t think it through.

Craft Your Message To Lead Them

Identify your audience and what you want them to get from your message. Then you can craft your message to lead them there.

A properly crafted message is clear and compelling. A pool crafted message is slow and boring.

To make your audience pay attention there is a formula that really works and it is the foundational energy that supports the message that has more influence than the most practiced speaker.

It is a formula of five things that when utilized in your message will create energetic congruence that will energize your listeners. It is found in the GeniusLab Session.

Do You Want To Inspire? Change? Provoke?

Your results depend on your clarity of intention. When you know how you want to influence the listener you have the gold.

Are you imparting inspiration, motivation, or success? Perhaps your message is about problem solving. What ever the theme, clarity is key.


To build your skills on crafting your message contact me HERE and we can schedule an appointment to get you clear and communicating powerfully!

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