Clear Your Trauma Before The Holidays

Clear Your Trauma Before The HolidaysCoach Toby Clear Your Trauma Before The Holidays-the-geniuslab-with-toby-christensen

The holidays can be a very emotional time. Things get heated when a family member gets triggered and “overreacts” to a situation. The thing to address is not the issue of what triggered them, but what are they really reacting to? That is why it is important to Clear Your Trauma Before The Holidays!

Most of the time, overreaction is because the person is reacting to the trigger plus all the unresolved stuff from the past. Most of the time there is a traumatic episode in their past that has not been resolved. This means that the minor trigger is a blasting cap connected to a case of dynamite!

The Solution Is Simple

The solution can be very simple, clear the past trauma and the negative emotions associated with events of the past and you will find that your reactions to things are dialed way down. The reason is, you are only reacting to the situation in the now not the accumulative energy of your lifetime! This makes all the difference in the world!

Think of running 100 yards with a t-shirt and proper running attire. Got it? Now imagine running that same distance with a spacesuit on and a 100-pound backpack. This is the difference in emotional pressure when you are clear and not clear.

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