5 Steps To Elevate Your Game

Here are 5 Steps To Elevate Your Game

For the 5 steps to elevate your game, you have to be focused and ready to do the work!

Step 1- Feed and Strengthen Your Mind

You become what you consume, so it is critical to get control of what you allow your mind to feed on. Is what you watch, read and listen to in alignment with who you are and who you want to become? Do the images you focus on imprint the person you are and what you want to expand in your life? Remember you become what you consume!!! Feed your mind with images, words and ideas that support your desired outcomes!!

Step 2- Power Up Your Body

When you are physically fit you have more energy and better ability to deal with the challenges you face. A sharp body supports a sharp mind. The discipline of the body affects the discipline of every area of your life. The better the condition of your body the better “State” of mind you maintain. Remember, like the mind is the body, you become what you consume! Become Powerful.

Step 3- Get A Role Model

Who inspires you? Read and study about people who have achieved what you want to achieve and learn everything you can about how they did what they did! Who around you is like what you want to be? How did they get there? Finding a coach or mentor who is like you want to be is a powerfully effective way to learn how to do your life. Things done in a certain way have the natural capacity to reproduce results regardless of who is doing the things! If you can find the path that leads to your desired outcome GREAT! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Follow someone who knows the way!

Step 4- Get A Plan

The power of action builds momentum! There is a saying ” If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”. This is not a good plan! Create a vision of what you want to create and then a plan to get you there. If you want to lose weight, start moving. If you want to make more money start figuring out how. Keep focused on your desired outcome and the plan to get you there. Create a business model that has the capacity to provide you with the desired outcome. If you want to make a million dollars, have a product or process worth a million dollars and a business model to match.

Step 5- Nurture Your Spirit

Gratitude and giving generate more reasons to be grateful and generous. Honoring your spiritual side is a must to elevate your game. Earning more money means more opportunity to give and help others. Some say we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Either way, we are not alone in this world and to the degree we receive is the degree we need to give back!  Create opportunities to be grateful.


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