Stories From Life ~ Unravel

We Must Unravel The Complicated Issues

CJ producing UnravelThe condition of our country and society globally is addressed in the song Unravel .

It was inspired by the death of Freddy Gray.

As the riots in Baltimore were raging I remember a news conference where the mayor said:

“This is complicated and we must unravel the emotions and issues.”

We Find Dignity When It’s You With Me

It is my hope that we can all come together and communicate, respect each other and listen for the solution. We all seem to be talking but no one seems to be listening. That said, how can we hear when we’re talking? We Can’t.

Stop This Tragedy If We Unravel

Stop the hate by finding the love in our hearts to love and respect those who see things differently.

We’ve made such a mess, the people will protest.

Failure is the only outcome if we stay on our current trajectory.

The politicians need to lead, community leaders must come forward and demand accountability and work on a local, national and global scale to bring the world together.

Make A Difference

Do something in your community to bring people together.

Share this music of hope and have a “come together” rally!

There are enough people making a negative impact in the world today. Let’s turn it around and make a difference for good and peace.

Here is a sample of the song: Unravel


1. sample-unravel.mp3     


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Song Credits:

Composer: Toby Christensen

Lead Vocals: Toby Christensen

Background Vocals: Toby Christensen

Instruments: CJ Lambert (lead guitar), Toby Christensen (rhythm guitar, bass guitar & drums)

Produced By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Engineered By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert


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