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Live Life Full To The End

Full To The End Toby and SuzanneSo many people I meet talk about the “good ol days”. It is as though life was good and now it sucks. I am living my life full to the end.

I have had the good fortune to meet an amazing life partner who understands me. Accepts me for the crazy man that I can be. And, who supports my music and encourages me to be the best me I can be.

Who wouldn’t want to live full to the end!

Gratitude Is The Key

It is easy to take situations and people for granted. I try every day to make a gratitude list and remind myself how full and rich my life is.

Each time I make a list Suzanne is at the top. without her Life would not be the same.

Remember Where You Come From

Sometimes I wish we had gotten together years before. But now is our time. It is good that I remember where I came from.

It helps me appreciate where I am today.

Here is a sample of the song: Full To The End


1. sample-full-to-the-end.mp3     


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Song Credits:

Composer: Toby Christensen

Lead Vocals: Toby Christensen

Background Vocals: Toby Christensen

Instruments: CJ Lambert (lead guitar), Toby Christensen (rhythm and 12 string guitar, bass & drums)

Produced By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Engineered By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert


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