Positive Disruption Soundtrack

Change Your Rhythm, Change Your LifeTobyChristensen.com

Einstein said: “You cannot change a problem with the same thinking it was created with.”

If you are going to make sustainable and lasting change you need to disrupt the current energy and thinking you are operating with and open new neural pathways to the processing center of the brain.

The BEST Change Is Through Music & Rhythm.

This positive disruption soundtrack is designed to raise your frequency so that you repel unhelpful energy and disrupt patterns that are creating bad habits and sabotaging behavior. Then reformatting your energy to support your goals and desired outcomes.

How To Use

Listen to this soundtrack twice per day. Once when you wake up and just before you go to bed. If you really want to boost its power, review your goals and desired outcomes while listening.

Then watch things shift! Change Your Rhythm, Change Your life

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