Emotion Clearing Technique

Emotion Clearing Technique (ECT)Emotions Management Process with Toby Christensen

The Emotion Clearing Technique (ECT) is a powerful way to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs. These are caused by significant and traumatic events in your life. Unlike TRP, ECT deals with the accumulation of traumatic energy and is not always influenced by one particular event. Because of this, it is often hard to identify what you are suffering from exactly because you are not always aware of your emotional state. You just know you don’t feel right.

Freedom From Depression

One of the main ways negative emotions show up is depression. You lose motivation, you have no inspiration and life feels flat and uninteresting. Another sign is the feeling of being lost, directionless, and therefore inconsequential. Nothing matters. These indicators are important signs that it is time to get some help! Asking for help takes courage! It is NOT a sign of weakness.

Help Is Available With Emotion Clearing Technique

I am a certified ECT and TRP practitioner and have developed a treatment protocol that is highly effective. This protocol helps eliminate negative emotions. It also helps shift limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I work with people from all walks of life. Musicians, therapists, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, the list goes on. Negative emotions are not picky about who they affect.

For more information about the process and the effectiveness of the work feel free to email me at toby@tobychristensen.com

I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Get Unstuck And Live Free – Suffering Is Optional

Having significant and traumatic events in your life is inevitable, suffering is optional. Are you ready to feel better? Are you ready to claim your freedom? Let’s work together and make a change in your life. Let’s get you back on track and moving in the right direction. To kickstart your life and get unstuck click the link below and sign up for your 3 session package. I spent thousands of dollars on traditional therapy. I find ECT much more effective.

In three sessions and $295 total cost you will find your way back to the REAL YOU! I guarantee the results. If you are not satisfied with the results you get after 3 sessions I will refund your money!

Sign Up Now

Click the PayPal link to make your payment and we will schedule your first session. Let’s remove the negative emotions and reclaim your greatness!

Regular price: $125 per session

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