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Coach Toby talking about status

The Western Condition

The Western Condition Can Be Complicated I was talking with a good friend of mine who was raised in a mostly unknown country in West Africa. The country is Burkina Faso. We were talking about the western condition. About self-esteem, ego, blame, shame, and how these issues are so prevalent in the western world. Sobonfu […]

Toby Christensen and the Human Condition

The Human Condition

You Are Part Of The Human Condition Unless you are visiting from another planet or dimension. And I know some people who believe that they are! In my new book Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power I dedicate a chapter to the human condition. This is a condition that involves your mind. Super Fast […]

Toby Christensen playing Helping Friends

Music Friday ~ Helping Friends

Stories From Life ~ Helping Friends Sometimes All You Need Is A Helping Friend A helping friend is important to have when you’re down. Or when you’re up! After my very painful divorce, I moved to Park City Utah. One of the best skiing destinations in the world! I met some amazing people there. This […]

The kit for Play The Game

Music Friday ~ Play The Game

What A Ride It was! Play The Game This is a very personal song about a part of my life that, on the outside looked promising and successful but on the inside was very dark. Play the game was my theme! Life was a game back then. Play the game is also about not taking […]

Toby Christensen laying a track for full to the end

Music Friday ~ Unravel

Sometimes We Have To Unravel Complicated Issues The condition of our country and society globally is addressed in the song Unravel . It was inspired by the death of Freddy Gray. As the riots in Baltimore were raging I remember a news conference where the mayor said: “This is complicated and we must unravel the […]

Dad on a fishing trip with Toby Christensen

Music Friday ~ Father

This Song Is Dedicated To My Father My dad always encouraged me to stay connected to my music and he always supported my wild and crazy life. He didn’t understand it but he was always there for me.  He was my friend and got to hear a few of these songs before he passed away. […]