About Toby Christensen

Toby has experienced great success throughout his career and is also familiar with adversity and the disappointment of not reaching a desired outcome.

“You have not truly failed if you learn from a situation that did not go as planned.” Toby Christensen

Today, from the board room to the recording studio Toby always brings his “A Game” to get you unstuck and moving to your desired outcome!

With his high level energy, unique music skills, and decades of study with indigenous people, therapeutic experts, and top entrepreneurs from around the world, he brings a revolutionary viewpoint to help solve your issues on both the personal and business levels.

“If you are Luke Skywalker, in this life to make an impact, Toby is your Yoda.” 

Toby is a positive force for change and is infectious with joy and positivity!

Bringing clarity, simplicity and success to his clients is his mission and they love him for it.

“Toby has a unique ability to identify the solutions to problematic situations and then almost instantly create a method of execution to get the desired results.”




Here is more of what his clients have to say:

“I am very grateful for what you have done for me…there are no human words to express my gratitude :-)” — Melissa in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve even more magic and joy and fun in my life. Since my session with you last week, I have continued to shift and flow and I enjoy my life, and each breath that I take, even more deliciously than ever. One of the coolest things I’ve EVER done is to effortlessly and delightfully transform myself from a 30- year smoker into a woman who does not, and hasn’t ever, smoked. Thank you for helping me achieve something that is impossible! Thank you so much for your beautiful work.” — Pam in Frederick, Virginia

“My session with Toby was incredible! I feel like he really cleared the path and set the intention for where I am going now.” — Amanda in Montreal, Canada

“Wow, Toby! Thank you so much for that truly amazing session! That was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. You held such a beautiful space and your music and energy have so much depth and healing…the whole session was so powerful, healing, and profound!” — Tara in Kauai, Hawaii


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