Your Own Shit

Your Own Shit

First of all, what in your life is working? It is important to take inventory of your own shit. Some is good and some not so good. Toby Christensen - Your Own Shit

Perhaps you’re making a lot of money and you are meeting your financial goals for you and your family. Maybe you have purchased that new dream car that you’ve been thinking of for the last 10 years. Or, you have found the love of your life and your relationship is going fantastically. Furthermore you’ve lost that 50 pounds and you’re looking amazing! Perhaps you just came home from the doctor and your stats are perfect, and by the way, you are spiritually enlightened and are completely in touch with God/Higher Power.

No matter what it is, or what your objectives are, it is important to take inventory from time to time and acknowledge the things that are working in your life. A good reason for taking a look at this is the possibility of making things even better! The other point about owning the things that are going well in your life is that they create gratitude.

Gratitude Is A Powerful Energy

Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies that you have at your disposal. It is the attractor of more good things to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a big deal! When I Googled the word gratitude, there were 154,000,000 results. One of the best definitions I read was as follows:

“The quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” I LOVE this.

Read this definition three or four times and see if it doesn’t boost positive emotion within you. What is also interesting about gratitude, it helps you focus on the things that are working in your life. Even some of the things in your life that might be painful. Yes, it is okay and sometimes good to be grateful for the painful things in your life. And, painful things can be the things that are working in your life. Sometimes pain inspires change.

Be Grateful For The Pain

Years ago I had a girlfriend that I was very in love with. Actually, I was more emotionally addicted then I was actually in love. But that is another subject for another day and another book. When she broke up with me I was devastated. I also realized that the anxiety and pressure I had been feeling in my life was gone when she was. It was an amazing paradox. If you asked me how my relationship life was going, I would tell you “it sucks my girlfriend broke up with me.”

On the other hand, I would say that I feel great because I have no drama in my life. Gratitude can be very paradoxical energy. It can also help you view things differently. Take some time and write a paragraph or list of the things in your life that are working. Here are some categories for you to think about:

  • Health and fitness  

This one’s easy. How much do you weigh? So what do you want your weight to be? How is your fitness level, how often do you work out? Do you have a strategy to develop a certain level of fitness? Maybe you want to run a marathon… when?

  • Intellectual Life

are you reading any books? Book reading seems to be synonymous with success. So creating an inventory of books that you would like to read this year is very worthwhile. What seminars or workshops would you like to attend? Make sure the top of the list is ”Release Your Shit & Reclaim Your Power.”

  • Emotional Life

What do you focus on? Do you have a goal for your level of happiness? How about your overall energy level? How would you like to feel throughout the day? One of the most productive things you can invest in is establishing your “core desired feelings” each day. In your task-oriented world, you may often forget about the importance of your emotional condition.

  • Character/Personal Development

What are your core values? How about your core beliefs towards the world and how you fit into it? What level of integrity do you want to operate at? What is your worldview?

  • Spiritual

This one is very personal. What kind of spiritual practice would you like to have and how often? How often do you want to pray or meditate? Do you want to be part of an organized religious body such as a church? Or perhaps spend two months a year in India meditating with your guru? How do you see the divine?

  • Love Relationship

Who do you want to be with? What kind of partner do you want to have, and what kind of partner do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to live with your partner? Where do you want to vacation and where do you want to live? Have fun with this!

  • Parenting

This one doesn’t apply to everyone but if you are a parent, what kinds of relationships do you want with your children? What values do you want to instill and pass on as a legacy? How much time would you like to spend with your children every week?

  • Social Life

This is a fun one to think about. Who do you want to hang with? What kind of people do you want to associate with? What kinds of activities do you want to do?

  • Financial

This is more than just how much money you want to make. It is also about your overall financial position. How much debt do you want to carry? How much money would you like to have in savings? What does your investment portfolio look like?

  • Career

What would you like your career to be? What skills do you need to learn to attain?

  • Quality-of-life

This involves issues like, where would you like to live, what would you like your home, your car, and social life to be like?

  • Life vision

What do you see as your grand contribution to yourself, your community and your planet? What do you see as your grand contribution?

What's Your Plan Toby Christensen Talks about his coaching and your opportunity for successThere Is Power In Taking Inventory Of Your Own Shit

As you go through these categories look at which of these are working in your life. Give yourself credit for the things that you are on task about. It is important to give yourself a reward for accomplishment and effort given regardless of the outcome. In an achievement-oriented society, you often forget to give yourself credit for trying. Things don’t always work out the way you plan.

If you have done everything that you know to do to create your desired outcome and you don’t get it, you still get a pat on the back. Now, do the same exercise with the things in your life that are not working. I like to start with a positive but this is the real work for this chapter. After you go through this process, I have a powerful exercise to bring a solution to the things that are not working in your life. It is a way to own and then turn around these things so they become fuel for you to succeed. Let’s do it!

Recognizing Failure As Your Own Shit

What are the things that you just can’t seem to get right no matter how hard you try? What are the persistent issues that seem to follow you no matter what? Believe it or not, this part of the exercise can be more valuable than the first part.

The part of our life that is not working can be your greatest teacher. You might take each of the categories listed above, add or subtract categories based on your lifestyle and goals. Write down for each category, what you would like it to be, what it actually is, and then write a short bit about what bridge can be built from where you are to where you want to be. This is really powerful because it is acknowledging the tools that you will need to move your life forward in a direction that is in alignment with your core values and desired outcomes.

It Is Simple But Not Easy To Deal With Your Own Shit

Take as much time as you need. Sometimes this exercise can take days or even weeks. It can take time for the solution to come to you. Think about building a bridge across the Grand Canyon…Suggestions for this exercise: Break down each life situation in each category into small understandable pieces of information. The bridge across the Grand Canyon didn’t just get dropped into place in its full form. It was built piece by piece, step by step until it is complete. Step-by-step you will find a way to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Do The WorkToby Talks about Why That Message

Next, do not condemn yourself for the errors of your ways. There have been times when I have spent so much time beating myself up about what I haven’t done, or how long I’ve taken, that I don’t even get to the solution! Another suggestion is to think of this exercise as a healing exercise. If you have a cut on your foot, you don’t go out and run a marathon. You wrap it, you put ointment on it, and you do things that enhance its healing abilities. Do this for yourself. Emotional wounds need nurturing to heal. Be good to yourself.

Once you have completed these exercises, take a break! Have a beer, glass of water or a cocktail! Reward yourself for going deep. You have accomplished a great thing. Now that you’ve focused on your shit, you are going to start working with it on an epic level so that you can release it and claim the gold and the goodness you deserve.

Realize Your Greatness

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