The MOVE into the Magic Seminar


 All The Benefits Of “MOVE into the Magic” In A Seminar PlatformAbout Toby Christensen

The MOVE into the Magic seminar has all the benefits of the One On One program for less than half the price and you can do it with your friends, business associates and team members!

Explore the Four Pillars Of Success in a group setting.

As A One-On-One This Training Is $1250

  • This training is expansive, intense and deep. Until now it has only been available as a One-On-One program.
  • In this group setting you will have additional interaction and feedback from participants, a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • You will be able to learn from the experience of others.
  • Come by yourself or bring your team! This is an effective team building program!

Here is what participants have said about MOVE into the Magic ~

I participated in M.O.V.E. last year. Not only did it help me grow my business; I have also used it to manifest personal changes that I wanted to make in my life. I recently implemented M.O.V.E. when I decided to relocate from Chicago to Taos, New Mexico. This program is extremely effective on projects, both big and small. ~ Martin J Munroe, Ph.D.

MOTIVATION ~ You’re like magic or something.  Thank you very much for the assist with moving beyond this old junk so I can get my ass in gear and do what I really want to do. Powerful stuff! Stacey – NH

ORGANIZATION ~ M.O.V.E is exactly the process I needed to execute my dreams into reality!  AWESOME.  Sandra – Shasta, CA

Toby Teaching Move into the MagicVISUALIZATIONThere is nothing vague or mysterious in the Visualization section of M.O.V.E. I was shown a progression of steps to employ that took my desired outcome and created a viable powerful vision. Amazing work! Marty – Chicago, IL

EXECUTION ~ Toby is a do-er and man of action. It really helps to have someone with that kind of fire on your side when setting about to make changes in one’s life. Through the Execution stage of M.O.V.E., I learned to attack the situation as I might an engineering problem, making small, clear-cut and realistic goals which comes in handy to keep us on track when life gets in the way of our plans. Ravi – Taos, NM

Cost: $395

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