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Coaching Tip Of The Day – 4 Pillars Of Success

Get Focused And Supported By The 4 Pillars Of Success Motivation – This is pillar #1 Motivation is the fuel transporting you to your desired outcome Organization – Pillar #2 Organization gets you where you want to go in the most efficient way Visualization – Pillar#3 Visualization gets you to the right place, precisely where […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – #1 Biz Killer

How Do You Thwart Your Success Self sorcery is the most destructive force in our lives. How do you talk to yourself? How do you support and inspire yourself… or do you? Are you moving towards success or disaster? How You Support Your Desired Outcomes Is How You Succeed What is your tripping point? Where […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Your Next Move

What Is Your Next Move? Your next move could be your most important. In your business and in your life knowing where you are going is critical to your success. As a coach, when I am coaching clients to achieve success, renew motivation, inspiration and productivity, starting with an accurate assessment of where we are […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Teamwork

#1 Problem With Teams If your team is not working in harmony it is a train wreck The best model for teamwork that I have found has come through studying tribes in Africa! If The Team Is Working From Genius They Are Effective When we understand how people communicate and how they receive information, communication […]


Yoga and Drumming

Yoga and Drumming One of the finest ways to apply therapeutic drumming is combining it with other modalities of holistic health. One of these that I have had great joy in participating with this yoga. Now I’ll be clear here, I am not a big yoga guy! I like it, but my body seems to […]