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Music For March- World Unity

This is my favorite song my World Unity CD. It is dedicated to the peace makers. So enjoy the sounds and think of ways you can bring more peace and harmony to the world! As a famous musician once said, Give Peace a chance! Click the play button below to listen to World Unity:

Toby Back in Hawaii

Well I just retuned from my annual winter trek to Kauai. Here is a rainbow that appeared while we drummed on the beach one evening. It was my best trip yet! I spent lots of time on the beach, climbed Sleeping Giant a bunch, worked with my good friend Kirk on the new HealingDrummer website […]

Amazing Reunion – Joel Bisset

I have been engaging in the appreciation of those who have positively influenced my life. Of these people there is no one more noble, kind, and compassionate than Joel Bisset. I don’t ever remember not knowing Joel. I have no idea how or where we met. I just remember that he is in every memory of my younger days. Joel and […]