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Attention Or Understanding?

What Are You Seeking? Do you just want to be seen? or Understood? Being seen does not necessarily inspire interaction. Being understood does. Both Is OK Look at me is fine in the right setting. But when you are presenting yourself as one who can bring value to your clients lives understanding will go much […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Newsletters

Do You Send A Newsletter? Do you communicate with your tribe regularly? How do people know what is going on? Give Before You Take Make sure that you give before you take. If you pitch a sale before you add value people will not want to receive your information. Add value and people will listen to […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Stand Out

How Do You Stand Out? What do you do that is different? What makes you unique? What do you offer that people cannot get anywhere else? Who Do You Copy? STOP IT! Learning from someone and emulating what you admire is great! Make It Your Own Learn from the masters then make it your own. […]