Swimming With Wild Dolphins

I have been to Hawaii many times and have come to love the island of Kauai most of all. It is a place where wild nature abounds AND you can still find a good burger! This trip was no exception. I was on Kauai a few weeks ago hanging with my friend Surf, making music and getting tan. While there I had the good fortune to visit my favorite beaches and spend time with my friends Danny Hashimoto. Naoka the Dolphin Diva, Sam the Ukulele man and many others.

Here is Danny preparing his famous Cocoanut Cream Ambrosia

P1120075 and Naoka dancing to the DrumP1030400

Here I am with Sam the ukulele  man, owner of Larry’s Music one of the most famous places on the islands


As I talked to my friends everyone was talking about the dolphins and the rich and magical energy they experienced while swimming with them. Well I have to confess I was a bit cynical. I have been to the dolphin beach at least 10 times and I have never seen a dolphin close in. So one night Surf and I were at a party on the beach, DSC_0494

and he started talking about going to the dolphin beach. He kept saying, “I know they will be there, and they will be there for YOU Toby!” Well I was stuck in the old story of “I’ll never experience anything that magical, blah, blah”. And as the night went on Surf and I kept jamming!

DSC_0513So after much debate we decided to go to the dolphin beach first thing in the morning. We went home from the beach, had a nice swim in the pool and hit the hay. The next morning I was still not convinced I would encounter the allusive dolphins but was willing to give it a go. We drive to the beach, hiked down the hill and I set out on the mile long trek to the beach were the magical dolphins reside. Having never seen them I had no idea what to expect and boy did I get a surprise. I hauled down the beach so if I did not get to see the dolphins I would at least get a good workout. As you can see, I was still not convinced. Even though Surf insisted they would be there.

When I arrived at the beach I was shocked beyond all belief when not one, not two, but three pods of dolphins just off shore and when I turned to watch them they began slapping their fins on the water and jumping wildly. Surf and his partner arrive 15 minutes later to find me sitting on the beach watching the dolphins with a HUGE smile on my face. “I told you they would be here for you. Are you ready to meet them in the water” Surf said kindly. Well to make a long story short, we entered the water    P1010007_2 and to my surprise, these beautiful and amazing beings  did not run off. P1010005_2

They got closer P1010011_2 and closer and closer still. I could feel the most amazing energy as they came closer and closer. There was no fear only trust and oneness. on their final pass I could almost reach out and touch them P1010009_2

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will never forget it.

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  1. Ellen October 5, 2009 at 5:10 am #

    I am so glad you got to experience the dolphins :-)It is wonderful to hear your experience and receive a glimpse of the impact.

    Thanks for sharing~

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