Stories From Life – A Girl A Death & A Dog

Stories From Life by Toby ChristensenWe all have stories from life.

Victory, defeat, love, and heartbreak. Memories of people we have met and days gone by.

Sharing these stories can be intimidating. Telling your story can make you feel vulnerable and open to judgment.

For me, putting these stories to music took that vulnerability to an epic level. You see, I’ve been involved in music since I was a young child and in all these years I have never written a song. And in 1982, I quit singing publicly.

But on a cool autumn day in 2017, I was out on a run when a melody invaded my mind. It haunted me day after day. Finally, I sat down with my guitar and pounded out the hook, then the verses. This “earworm” morphed into the last song on this album: “I Don’t Care”.

And the memories kept coming, so kept writing songs. Past relationships, my loving life partner, the death of my father, and a wonderful dog named Duncan who helps me find joy in every situation

“Stories From Life – A Girl A Death & A Dog” is a collection of my life experiences, ones I hope you relate to and enjoy.


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Song Samples

Click below for sample sound clips:

      1. Very First Time

      2. Lookin' Up

      3. Blue Dress

      4. Angel With Long Black Hair

      5. Father

      6. Unravel

      7. Play The Game

      8. Full To The End

      9. Helping Friends

      10. Miss You Babe

      11. Tumblin' Down

      12. I Don't Care

Every Song Has a Backstory

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