Ritual and Renewal: The Element of Water

Ocean and RainbowIn the song “Rock Star” by Nickelback, there are a couple of lines that hit home with some things I’ve heard from others and, quite frankly, some things I feel from time to time. The song is about a guy who wants to change his life but feels it’s too late, so he’s asking for help. The lines that stand out go like this:

…It’s like the bottom of the ninth

and I’m never gonna win

This life hasn’t turned out

Quite the way I want it to be…

So, the questions I ask myself and that I pose to you are: Do these lines relate to you? Do you feel like it’s the bottom of the ninth and you’re never gonna win? Has life turned out the way you want it to be?

The good news is that no matter what your life’s circumstance there are some very real and very transformative things you can do to change your life. One of the aspects of the West African culture that I’ve found to be the most powerful is ritual. I’m going to discuss several different rituals you can do to help realize your dreams and your intentions. The rituals will be in alignment with the 5-Element Cosmology that I’ve found to be profoundly life changing.

Rebalancing and Reconciling Our Lives

Water is the element we call upon for healing of the areas of our life that are preventing us from coming into alignment with our intentions. This is also the element we call upon for reconciliation; when we need to reconcile all the aspects of our life that are not in balance.

Water is also called upon when we need flow in the parts of our loves that seem stuck or unmoving, and we want them to flow smoothly and—as I like to say—“effortlessly and delightfully” towards our intended destination.

Water nurtures and feeds the earth, creating powerful growth and feeding the planted seeds, which grow into great crops of prosperity. We ask that the power of water feeds us so that the seeds we have planted will be richly fortified, and grow quickly and powerfully.

Transformative Water Ritual

Flowing StreamThe first step of this ritual is to find a flowing body of water—this could be a river, a stream, the ocean, etc. No matter what body of water you find, make sure the water is moving. I have found that a larger sized river is the best.

Next, go to the river with a pint of milk and—if you can—find Indian corn. Indian corn is the best, but if you can’t find it any kernels of corn in any form will do. Offer the milk to the water, as milk is nourishment. Then walk along the water tossing the kernels of corn into the water. As you do so, ask the water spirit to feed the seeds that have been planted so they can grow into healthy, vibrant crops of good health, overall prosperity, and well-being.

After you have performed this ritual, give thanks to the water, to the corn, to the milk, and, most importantly, to the ancestors. For the Dagara nothing happens without the blessing of the ancestors. Thank any and all members of your family that have come before you and now reside in the spirit world. These are your ancestors.

I will discuss more about the ancestors. For now do this ritual and thank both the elements and the ancestors. Stay focused and attentive to what you would like to produce in your life and take action towards that end. Watch things change!

Let me know of your stories of healing and transformation!

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