Own Your Genius

Own Your Genius

“ Everyone is born a genius and it is the job of the village to acknowledge and support the genius that resides within each of us.” ~ Malidoma Somé (African Toby Talking Story Own Your GeniusTribal Elder who teaches to own your genius)

 When I think about people in our culture respecting, honoring and supporting each other like the people in the village do, I realize what an amazing place this world could be. Then I read the newspaper or turn on the TV and see the divisiveness and disregard for human value in society. I get depressed and overwhelmed with doubt. I respond with a satirical and maybe even sarcastic, “You must be fucking kidding!”

When I look at the condition of our culture and the high level of competition to have the most stuff. Also to be the most powerful, and socialize with the most elite at all cost. I’m like really? Then we kick all the “have not’s” to the curb. Then, of course, you can’t ignore the utter destruction of our environment to enhance massive corporate profit. I truly wonder sometimes if there is any hope for us at all.

The Genius Is The Optimist

Own your geniusBut I am an eternal optimist and think that there is hope. It’s just buried under a big pile of shit! The shit I speak of is insecurity, guilt, shame, secrets, unfinished business, and comparison. The shit is also a measuring  device that  has  permeated our  culture  that says,  “To measure up, you have to have a million dollars, a Maserati, a perfect body and designer clothes or you are a loser!” This is really fucked up! And I have been stuck in this shit my whole life! OMG!

People in our society have so many skeletons in the closet. It is exhausting keeping up the facade of perfection and goodness. The thing about the tribal members I experienced in West Africa is that they don’t give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of them. They also know the dangers of keeping secrets, telling lies and not having an ethical code to live by. Also, they know that they are born with a purpose and a mission, and it must be completed in this lifetime and it is the most important thing in the world.

People Are Afraid To Be Seen For Who They Really Are

Most of our problems and stuck-ness in life is caused by the fact that most of us are so afraid to be seen for who we really are, we expend insane amounts of energy living a lie and supporting an intended illusion. This fake persona, in the end, closes in on us and crushes us under the weight of untruth and phoniness. Some times it appears as high blood pressure, heart disease, hypertension, eating disorders, drug abuse, and alcoholism.

My new book, Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power,  is a roadmap to get out of the shit and make room in your life to reclaim your power, purpose, and mission. Don’t worry; you can still have the money, Maserati, designer clothes and the perfect body! It just won’t matter. You are OK with or without the “stuff”.

This book was inspired by decades of struggle, pain, heartbreak, ritual, study and getting back up after countless falls and failures. It comes from working with hundreds of people and doing thousands of sessions. I watch people come in scattered, confused and broken. Then I see them transform from the work becoming revitalized, free, clear and in their power!

Ready For A Trip To Kauai?Toby Christensen Own Your Genius

Last, of all, this book is a guiding light and workbook for a retreat I am offering by the same name. I hold these retreats in powerful places around the country. Places such as Kauai, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, California, and Taos, New Mexico to name a few. The program is 9 weeks long. We start with a few days live and in person where we work through the bulk of the shit, and teach you to reclaim your power. Then we meet one on one for 8 weeks virtually to keep you on track and help you integrate your transformation into your new life!

Read this book as many times as you need to. You will find it reveals more and more information the deeper you get into the work. I trust I will see you soon at one of the retreats, so until then, dive in!

Release Your Shit & Reclaim Your Power!

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