MOVE – Your Motivation, The First Key To Success

Your Motivation Equals Clarity & Clarity Is Power

Clarity equals power! Power inspires and ignites your motivation.Your Motivation with Toby Christensen

Clarity is the focus of this section of M.O.V.E.
Our objective is to connect you to your clear and compelling WHY –Why do you want to create what you are working on?

How To Find Your Why

Lots of people jump all over why. This is not the first step. In order to know your why, you need to know one very important thing. Your core values. Actually, I would recommend knowing your core values, core beliefs, and your mission.  These are the key foundations for your why. This is when you will connect to your motivation.

Now You Have The Building Blocks

Your Motivation with Toby ChristensenOnce you have clarity about your why, and emotional clarity and connection to the power behind your desired outcomes, nothing will keep you from achieving your goals. when you know what you stand for, what you believe and why you are here ROCK ON!

Believe Exercise

Here is a powerful exercise we do in my MOVE Into The Magic course. Write on a piece of paper,

I Believe…

I Believe… do it 20 times. Then finish the sentence 20 different ways.

Then do it for 21 days. It will blow your mind and open your eyes to the new possibilities for you and your mission.

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