Worry – Let Go Of The Load – Part II

Stop Worry To Let Go Of The LoadWorry Don't worry, be happy

First, let’s talk about the past. Many people worry, torture themselves and agonize about things that have happened in the past. Sometimes it’s things that they have done, perhaps criminal activity. Perhaps taking advantage of someone, lying, cheating or stealing. Sometimes it is about what has happened to them in the past. This is victim thinking. So-and-so did this to me. So-and-so did that to me. They took advantage of me. They did not have my permission to use my car, or my house, or my pen whatever it is.

Dwelling On The Past Is Toxic

Dwelling on the past is like carrying a 100-pound anchor on your back every day all day. It doesn’t always stop you completely from moving but it does slow you down big time and causes fatigue and distress. When I work with my clients that are suffering from things in the past, I ask them two simple but often overlooked questions, “What can you do today to change your situation?” And, “Is there something you can do to undo what happened to you in the past?” Most of the time there is no possible way of undoing the past. This is for sure, however, there is the ability to reframe the past, learn from it. This makes it your ally instead of your adversary.

Content Reframe Stop Worry

Worry don't worry be happy toby christensenThis is a process called ”Content Reframe”. This simply means changing the context of the content of your thinking. A common illustration of this often used in NLP is this: Let’s say you are afraid of your boss and he calls you in for a meeting. This immediately makes you nervous, anxious and filled with fear. Instead of going in thinking of him as a mighty and powerful adversary, one that holds your world at his fingertips, imagine him as a clown. Imagine a bright orange dunce on him, a big red nose, big giant puffy white gloves that make his hands look huge, and a giant twirling bowtie. Your meeting will go much differently when you have this point of view. This visualization practice will shift your emotional state and put you in your power. Content reframe is a very powerful tool. This is a very simple example but reveals the technique in a clear and powerful way. This can also be done to shift the energy of any past situation. You do not carry fear and trauma forward into the now .

Mental Fuckery

The other most common aspect of mental fuckery is worrying about the future. From the logical standpoint, it makes perfect sense not to worry about the future because how in the heck do you know what’s going to happen? Our minds, however, have been trained through western society to somehow believe that we can control the future and all that it contains. Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have spent much of my life worrying about things that never happened.”

I’m not saying don’t worry; worry all you want! How is that working for you? There is a saying, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow it only saps today of its joy.” If you are going to release your shit and reclaim your power, you need to look at the things in your life that are holding you back, (that would be the releasing your shit), and look at what will fuel you moving forward, (that would be the reclaiming your power part).

Watch Your Stories

The third is self-stories. Remember the old adage, the stories you tell today to create the outcome of tomorrow. I’m not really sure that it’s an “old” adage but it certainly makes sense. Another important aspect while we are on the subject is something called “reality moves results.” In other words, what you perceive to be reality creates the results that you get from your actions. The important thing is as you release your shit you get to create a new reality. It works like this: what you think about and what you talk about and what you value becomes your reality. Your reality creates your emotions, which affects your physical body and your spiritual condition. All of these are aspects of what you create in the world. So, when you talk shit, value shit and feel emotionally shitty, guess what happens to your body and your spiritual energy? And what do you think you create?worry but don't worry Toby Christensen

When you think scarcity, talk scarcity, and act scarcity, you create scarcity in your life. Conversely, when you think positivity, talk positively, and act in alignment with your desired outcome and are supported by your core values, that is exactly what you create. The life you desire! I will get to more of this later in the book. In the next chapter we’re going to ask a very important question, are you willing to change? I’ve worked with thousands of people over the last three decades and it is amazing to me how many people come to me wanting change but are not willing to do what it takes to make the change.

Realize Your Greatness

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