Help Us Bring Dr. Frank Bourke To Cincinnati

A Wonderful Opportunity

I am so excited to be partnering with Dan Jarvis and to bring Dr. Frank Bourke to Cincinnati November 4th and 5th to demonstrate the RTM protocol to veterans, first responders, and mental health professionals. The intention of the visit is to schedule an RTM Training in early 2020. This training will bring a cutting edge and profoundly effecting treatment for PTS to the tri-state area.

Thank You For Your Help

We are asking for donations to help cover the cost of Dr. Bourke’s visit. Because of the immediate opportunity, this cost hs not been budgeted. Because of the valuable opportunity to bring RTM to Cincinnati, we feel this is absolutely necessary.

The Research

This Project brings together international academics, researchers, and therapists to examine the current evidence of the clinical efficacy of RTM techniques, considering how it can be effective in facilitating change, enrichment, and symptom relief.

Dr. Frank Bourke and his colleagues provide a critical appraisal of evidence-based research in the area to indicate the benefits of the approach and identify the need for an increase in randomized well-controlled clinical trials.

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RTM Research Results

The PTSD Research field has spent over $900M in the last ten years with no appreciable advances in treatment. The American Medical Association brought the problem into clear focus in its most prestigious Journal, JAMA, September 2015. The article made two important points about the field’s accepted evidence-based treatments for PTSD starting with a very pointed criticism, “… approximately two-thirds of troops continued to meet the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis after “successful” treatment and one quarter dropped out”. Later it stated, “There is a need for improvement in existing PTSD treatments and for development and testing of novel evidence-based treatments, both trauma-focused and non–trauma-focused”. We believe that the results of the following five completed studies and feedback from the training initial training programs reflect the implied and direct recommendations by the A.M.A. in the JAMA article. The R & R Project is seeking funding for RTM Training for counselors working with PTSD clients and evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the RTM manualized training process.