Martin J Munroe, Ph.D.“I participated in Toby’s M.O.V.E. Coaching Program last year. His goal oriented approach produced results that were phenomenal and, most importantly, quantifiable. My business continues to grow exponentially. When Toby and I were ending our “formal” coaching work, I went back to my notes and looked at the goals that he set for me in our very first session. Every single one of them has been achieved! My experiences with Toby have been life changing on many levels. He continues to be my trusted advisor and mentor.”

— Martin J Munroe, Ph.D. Martin J Munroe, Ph.D., Boston College Former Instructor, Founder Crystal Clear Solutions, Chicago, IL

Jami Edelheit“Toby’s performance was fantastic at TEDxCincinnati! Many of the attendees have commented and said that they had never seen anything like it before. The energy in the room was transformed by the sound of the Drum “Djembe”. Your talent and story were a highlight in an incredible night. Thank you for being a part!”

— Jami Edelheit, Director, TEDxCincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Kathy Sampeck“Toby has worked with our team at Capital Case Management for the past five years. His unique and innovative approach has inspired our staff, improved our efficiency and helped us work through challenges effectively. Toby has a solution-oriented approach that has motivated and energized us! We consider him an important asset to our business.”

— Kathleen Sampeck, President, Capital Case Management

Janet Whittington“Toby’s presentation was a magical experience. Not only did I learn how to effectively use his techniques to help my team, I received so much for myself by participating. Transformational! I can’t recommend it enough!”

— Janet Whittington, Psychotherapist, Nashville, TN

Char Ravelo“Dynamic, engaging and captivating! Can’t take your eyes off Toby’s performance! His insight and delivery are truly life-changing!”

–Char Ravelo, Publisher, TV Host, Kauai, HI

Kirk VandenBerghe“I’ve known Toby since 1975 and it’s been a joy to watch my good friend consistently build his knowledge, skills, and experience and become a true leader. He’s the only keynote speaker and corporate workshop leader who incorporates world-class djembe (drum) rhythms into unique and inspirational presentations. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

–Kirk VandenBerghe, Entrepreneur, Edmonds, WA

Dr. Penny Llyod“This was an amazing workshop. The skills we learned provided a portal into profound life transformations. The power of sound to facilitate change and productivity at this level is something we needed experience, to begin to understand – a HUGE recommend.”

–Dr. Penny Lloyd, Veterinarian, Peachland, BC Canada

Staci Holweger“I met Toby just a few weeks ago and words can not describe how my life has changed from that moment. I was enthralled by his presentation & drumming skills. Just phenomenal! So inspiring and motivating. Working with him has literally exploded my business I had been stuck for over a year and in just a short weeks time, I was promoted to the next level earned a massive bonus and have gained thousands of new clients. The energy I am feeling is so amazing. It’s like everything has sped up and is in warp overdrive. I am blown away and so pumped up about what’s in store as I continue to be opened up to the greatness of this world…and beyond! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Toby!”

— Staci Holweger, It Works! Global, Presidential Diamond, Brandon, FL

Francesco Garripoli“I am pleased and honored to have Toby Christensen as one of our select talents for our WujiBrainwave app’s “MindMedia.” I have had the pleasure to work with Toby in strategic planning sessions and on music projects so I knew that having him on “MindMedia” would be fantastic. Now people can watch Toby playing his African djembe and literally “see” how their brains react in realtime using our WujiBrainwave app. This is an amazing “first” and Toby contributes so much to brainwave empowerment research thanks to his efforts and participation with WujiTech.”

— Francesco Garri Garripoli  盖瑞, WujiTech.com Founder, Kapaa, HI

Proclamation from the County of Kauai, Hawaii

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Kauai County Proclamation





Client List

Capital Case Management

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Donna Karan

International Sound Healers Conference

International Labyrinth Society

Merrill Lynch

Procter & Gamble,

Portland State University

Robert Lee Morris Studios

Santa Monica Film Festival

Kauai Wellness Expo

Urban Zen


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