Coaching Tip Of The Day – Overcome Distraction

The Key To Failure Is Distraction!

Distraction is like a destructive virus. It can take hold of you before you even know what happens. TV, iTunes, Pandora, CNN, Game Of Thrones!! OMG it is amazing how many distractions there are.

The enemy of distraction is discipline. If you want to change your business and life, If you want to have congruence, focus and clarity are so important. When I am consulting with my coaching clients I help them get a clear vision of what they want to achieve. Problem solving can only occur when we identify the problem and have a clear vision of the solution.

Energetic Transformation

Changing our actions is one thing but a much overlooked innovation is the aspect of changing the energy we carry so that it is more in alignment with our desired outcomes. When  this happens inspiration abounds and motivation is plentiful. Productivity increases and in addition to reduced stress, success is the natural response. Check out my Therapeutic Music Site and check out Shift It! This is a way to achieve a powerful energetic shift while listening to some killer world music!

Overcome distraction and everything changes!

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