Coaching Tip Of The Day – You Are Not Your Thoughts

You Are Not Your Thoughts…

There is a saying “As a man thinketh, so is he.” But what if you have thoughts that is profoundly destructive, do you want to be that?

I agree that the way we think has a HUGE influence on our outcome, state of mind and success.

Our thoughts influence out motivation, inspiration and ability to connect to the solutions we desire.

You Can Always Change Your Thinking

Then what you are focusing on is not accommodating your desired outcome it is time to make an adjustment.

When your emotions are traveling down the path of distraction, it is time to bring awareness to what you are thinking about. Then make the shift to a thought that supports your desired outcome.

Your Thoughts Determine Your Actions

What ever you focus on, you respond or react to. If we understand this we know that the way we think determines how we act.

How do you want to feel? How do you want to act? How do you want to be present in the world?

These are the things to think about!



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