Coaching Series Month 4 Video #2 Why That Message

Why That Message?

When you decide on what you want to talk to people about the first thing you should ask yourself is, Why That Message?

Your topic should have a few key components:

  • Truth
  • Authenticity
  • Relevance
  • Power
  • Confidence

If your message contains these components you are well on your way!

Is Your Message Personal?

When you ask yourself, why that message? you should have a personal connection. Spewing information from your head can be informative but BORING!

Have a personal connection. Deliver the information with a story. If you need help on this check out The GeniusLab we can hone your storytelling skills quickly!

What are you trying To Communicate?

Much of the time people talk about what someone else has taught them. I used to do this allot!

I gave all the credit to my teachers and neglected to acknowledge that I did a tone of work to make their teaching my own.

I’m all for credit where credit is do, but check how many times you reference others.

Stand In Your Power!

Remember this is YOUR message. Own your story.

This is your message and your time to shine. as you are clear about the message and it is authentically you, own it!

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