Coaching Series Month 4 Video #4 What Result Do You Want From Your Message?

What Result Do You Want From Your Message?

Knowing the result you want is key. Knowing the end game gives you a clear target. It keeps you focused and clear.

If you visualize the result it will be easier to achieve.

People Who Know Their Desired Result

Tony Robbins is one who is clear on his impact and message. His end game is to bring inspiration and motivation. If you have ever been to one of his events it is exactly what happens.

Oprah Winfrey empowers people especially women. She is like a success magnet and a master at problem solving.

Billy Graham knew his desired result more powerfully than anyone I can think of. Hi packed stadiums around the world an got powerful results.

These are just a few of many people who live this principle. When you are focused you are effective and the more clear you are the more impact you have.

Be Clean

Being clear about what you want to achieve is important but being CLEAN about it is a whole additional issue.

Your energy is the first thing people feel when they hear you. After they feel your energy they listen…or not.

Be true with your motives, intentions and reasons for doing what you are doing and you will be powerful and impactful!

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