Coaching: The Key To Achievement


I have some questions for you…

What is different this year from last year or the year before or the year before?

Have you achieved what you intended over the past 3-5 years or are you basically in the same condition?

What have you tried that has worked to bring about a greater feeling of achievement?

What have you tried that hasn’t worked?

What Now?

Not Your Fault

If you are like most people,at the end of each year you have a list of uncompleted goals, you are at the same basic income as you were the year before, feel the same and are ready to write down most of the same goals and intentions you did last year. You feel frustrated and have no idea how to end this cycle of sameness. This SUCKS…right?

You are here, not because you are lazy or stupid or a failure… It is because of two things…

  1. No one has shown you how to do things differently
  2. You have not shifted your energy from the old you  to the new and improved model!

The 2 Keys To Significant and Lasting Change:  Do different and Be different.

From Frustration To Freedom: How to Make That Change

Wire HeartFor the past 15 years I have been a student of human performance. I have spent countless hours finding out what makes successful people different than the average Joe?

My results have inspired the creation of the Shift It! Soundtracks that have been used by hundreds of people to eradicate negative habits and patterns in their lives and start them down the path to success and fulfillment. Corporate executives, housewives and professional athletes have benefitted from this tool. This decade plus study has also become the content of my Elite Coaching System which is transforming many from frustration and despair to HOPE, FREEDOM  and FULFILLMENT!

In 2015 I will take only 20 people on an adventure that will change their lives forever. This adventure is the Tier I Elite Coaching System.We will have weekly coaching sessions; you will receive a Peak Performance Shift It! Soundtrack every three months and be able to attend all my live events for 1/2 price!

If you, like me are ready for a permanent change filled with success and achievement, CLICK HERE to apply for this program.

I only have room for 20 people so get your application in ASAP!

The value of this program is $3500 per month. Your cost is only $1000 per month.

Are you worth it?     I think YES!!

Click on the link above and I will send you an application to see if we are a match!

Now is your time to SHINE!!!

Here is a product List and Sample outline of a 6month program

Tier One Elite – Individual Coaching Program w/ Sample Program Outline

These are the items included in the coaching program: -people-celebrating-victory

M.O.V.E Evaluation

One hour phone session per week

One free peak performance shift it! Per quarter

Free audio and video access

Free VIP access to all my live events

Unlimited e-mail communication

Cell phone access

Guaranteed 24 hour response time

Outline scripts for all videos

Outlined scripts for all online programs

Monthly value–$3500  Cost -$1,000 per month

  • StratagyMonth 1 – M.O.V.E. Evaluation Program
  • 1. Motivation and Peak performance shift it construction.
  • 2. Organization
  • 3.Value
  • 4. Exicution
  • Month 2 – Becoming a Credible Expert
  • 1. positioning yourself as an expert
  • 2. presenting yourself as an expert
  • A. Website
  • B. Blog
  • C. social media
  • 3. Creating Your Home Page Video
  • 4. Annual Promotion Strategy
  • Month 3 –  discovering your superpowers
  • 1. what are your superpowers?
  • 2. how to bring your superpowers to your team and clients
  • 3 identifying the superpowers within your team
  • A. Genius Factor Assessment
  • B. How to turn top producers into your management team
  • C. Nurturing success by identifying gifts and talents
  • 4. Turning Past Failures into Motivators
  • Month 4 – Becoming a Marketing Master
  • 1. Preparing for a launch
  • A. VVVSUDV formula
  • B. Identifying valuable content
  • C. Overcoming obstacles
  • 2. Your clear marketing message
  • A. Script for video
  • 3.  Followup on “Call to action”
  • 4. Video critique
  • Month 5 – Theater of the mindFootball team
  • 1. Raising your self esteem
  • A. Yes You CAN!
  • B. Yes you deserve it!
  • C. Yes you are worthy!
  • 2. Fine tuning the script 20 min per day
  • 3. See yourself at the next level
  • A. Support Strategy
  • B. Team Strategy
  • C. How to raise the bar for your team
  • D. Motivating energy
  • 4. The story of 2015
  • Month 6 – Attracting new prospects
  • 1. Creating a more dynamic online visibility
  • 2. Create new partnerships
  • 3. Series of recruiting videos
  • 4. Collaborate on a live seminar

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you an application! I am looking for the right 20 people to participate in this journey!

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