Healing The Earth

This month I would like to focus attention on healing the Earth. Watching the devastation of the Gulf Coast here in the US brings strong awareness that as inhabitance of this planet we need to rally our forces and bring healing to the other beings that share this great earth with us. I hear all kinds of blame and see lots of finger pointing. OK already, lets find a solution! I have been drumming each day asking for the Ancestors to intervene in this dilemma. Please join me in this endeavor.

The thing I realized as I began the healing process is that the maladies that inhabit the Earth are often the maladies that inhabit our lives personally and culturally. If we look at the Gulf Coast  situation, we might ask ourselves, “What is leaking poison into my life that is hidden deep in the darkness of my ocean?” Even more specifically, where have I allowed greed (as we see with the oil companies) to override my integrity? My Core Values? Do you even have an idea of what your core values are? These are very important questions. I hope we are all headed for a revival of core values of love, honesty, integrity and impeccability. Not just talking, but acting in accordance with these values. There are many “spiritual leaders” or mentors that scream integrity and impeccability but are running their organizations contrary to what they teach. Walk your talk or change it. As we walk with true integrity and in alignment with our message we will experience great empowerment in all areas of our lives. The more focused and undisrupted our intentions are, the more powerfully we will experience what we desire to create in our lives. Be clear, Live clear, Create clear.

An exciting aspect of our Hawaii trip this September because in addition to earth healing we will experience the blessings of the ocean and the energies that reside there. You can find out more about this shamanic adventure at

Be well and remember to send healing to the Earth and focus this month on the Gulf Coast! Here are a couple of photos that help to make clear the situation

here is a diver from BP in the gulf verifying that there is indeed a problem.



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